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"Don't let the silly things steal you happiness"

Pure zen

  During my career I participated in quite a few clinics with kids. After we played tennis I’d talk to them and answer their questions. I always like doing it because in this age players are quite open, they don’t… Continue reading →

The gate to the sky

Airports always fascinate me. Not the building itself, obviously, but the place, the spirit of it. There are so many different people and everybody has his own way. You see families going for vacations: kids with small suitcases and cute… Continue reading →

"I run because I really, REALLY like desert"

US Open diaries: sparkles of green

  This year US Open is held just two weeks after the Olympic Games in Rio. Maybe this is one of the reasons why bright green is so dominant at the Billy Jean King Tennis Center.

US Open diaries: Taste of Tennis

Every day at the US Open brings something new and interesting. Tonight a good friend of mine has invited me to the Taste of Tennis – the party, famous by its fine cuisine. This exclusive event is traveling to the… Continue reading →

US Open diaries: new look

Hello from New York! There are four Grand Slam tournaments in one calendar year and each of them wants to be the one and only. In January Australian Open starts the battle showing the improvements since the last tournament edition…. Continue reading →

"You are one workout away from the good mood"

Extraordinary: seals


Looking forward

Good evening! Today I would like to talk about something that is very important for each tennis player – the tough losses on the court and how you react on them.

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