Every January for the past 35 years the best tennis kids from all around the world gather in Tarbes. This little French town situated 150 km away from Toulouse has being a home for the most famous tennis event for 14-year olds – Les Petits As. In the middle of the main hall there is a board with the names of those participants who made it to the professional tour and became famous. The list is impressive: Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Ana Ivanovic… By the way, last year Marta Kostyuk won the girl’s competition.

It’s interesting that from the very beginning this event was run run by the same family. Can you imagine, how much passion and love for tennis they have to stay behind this tournament for so many year?

This-year’s edition of Les Petits As welcomed the collaboration with the new management and gave the tournament second birth. Team Top Five came in with fresh ideas, innovative way of thinking and up-to-date technologies. The result? Live streaming, full social media coverage and more fun! And of course great competition and big battles for the main prize.

There are four Ukrainians playing in Tarbes, keep an eye on our little heroes! Follow Les Petits As online and through my blog!