Hi, guys!

I continue to give you updates from Tarbes:) First round is behind and we still have four players representing our country in the second round matches in both, girls and boys draws. Vyacheslav Bielinskiy, Artem Podorozhniy and Dasha Lopatetskaya continue their journey to the first place in singles, German Samofalov together with Vyacheslav Bielinskiy will compete in doubles. In the first round match Ukrainian duo beat a very strong Italian-French pair Tabacco-Raquin. Our seeded opponents clearly did not expect such a tough competition in their opening match.

Dasha Lopatetskaya made a great come back after loosing the first set to Lisa Pigato. Italian started strong and did not give our compatriot many chances. But fighting spirit and mental strength of the Ukrainian paid off and she turned the match around, winning the second and the decisive sets. Brava, Dasha!:))

Other tournament leaders had no problems to go through the opening round. Holger Rune, Elmer Maria Timofeeva will be playing on Wednesday. See you later for more updates!