In couple of days the main draw of the first 2017 Grand Slam tournament starts in Australian Melbourne. But for 128 men and 96 women playing in the qualification this important competition has already began this week. To get their place in the so-desired main draw they have to win three tense matches in three days. The pressure is big and many people think that to pass the qualification is even more difficult then to win couple of rounds in the main tournament. Me personally I always say that, if you are a tennis fan and like to watch the real on-court battle, than the qualifying rounds are a definite must-see. Australian heat and wind play their role too, so the conditions are very tough. But you hardly ever see someone give up. Everybody is fighting till the end because it’s not only about the ranking points and money, although the difference in earnings in the qualification versus main draw is huge. It’s about the prestige of being a MAIN DRAW player, of having this little sign on your competitor’s badge which opens completely new horizons and brings recognition in the eyes of tournament staff, your fellow-players and all the rest of the tennis world.

So the action is on. Don’t miss out on great tennis! You can find it online as well as on the TV, I think starting from this year Tennis Channel shows some of the qualification rounds. Have fun, guys!