Every year Babolat comes up with the new version of one of their models. This year it was the turn of Babolat Pure Strike. Actually, Dominic Thiem has been using new “project” racket (it was called “ProjectOne7) starting from Monte Carlo but it did not get widely advertised up until September. Later Babolat unexpectedly revealed that ProjectOne7 is a prototype of the new Pure Strike. Few days ago I had a chance to hit with this new model and I fell in love with it.

I must say that when I took it in my hand for the first time it felt a bit different from other Babolat models I used before. Maybe the reason was that it has a little sharper edge and a longer triangle between the racket head and the handle. But as soon as I hit the first shot I forgot all my doubts.

It felt very comfortable and yet powerful. I have been using the Pure Drive for quite a long time When someone is asking me what am I using and I tell him, I always hear that the ball flies very good of the strings of my racket. Interesting, but my own feeling is a little different, I always found that I need to swing to be able to get the ball go far. With the new Strike it seems that I don’t need to swing at all, the ball goes deeper but I am still feeling it under control. As I tried to put more spin on the ball I also found this racket very effective. It’s quite soft and forgiving, easy to accelerate.

The racket comes in different variations of this new Pure Strike. The one I tried was 98 sq inches head size and 16/19 string pattern. There is also a 18/20 string pattern as well as the 100 sq inches head and the VS and VS Tour models. For those who like lighter rackets, there is a Pure Strike Team.

I think the only thing I didn’t like was the color. As for me it lacks the personality being all white. But on the other hand choosing between the looks and effectiveness I definitely pick the latter.

So guys, in case you decide to change your rackets, I advise you to try this new Pure Strike.