Books… This is probably an unusual subject for the sports blog but mine is not the typical one. Anyway, I always loved reading. Books go hand in hand with me all my life, they help me when I feel sad and entertain me when I am bored.
They fly with me over the ocean on the plane and relax my mind before the matches. Big and small, hardcover or pocket size, they bring me to the different world and open the door for my imagination.

They’re different: some of them are heavy (and I’m not speaking about their weight but about the content), it takes forever to read one page and twice longer to digest it. Other ones are light and easy, you go through them wondering how quickly you finished it. The really good ones would be the combination of both, expressing deep thoughts in simple ways. But I truly believe that each of them has something very important that you need to know in this particular moment. It might be one phrase, one short sentence that makes a click in your head. This is what you will remember, this is the reason why you had to read this book today.

I also think that each of us has an author who seems to understand us the best. At the different stages of our lives it might be even different people, but when we read their books we feel exactly what they have to say. Since many years for me such person was Mark Levy – French writer who wrote quite a few novels. Those of you who know him, might say that it’s a women’s read. I like him not because of the plot, but because of his way of writing. His heroes are not perfect, they are normal people with normal habits, with their ups and downs, bad mood and craziness of everyday life. They don’t try to be someone else and on the same time have a very unique sense of humor that lets them laugh at themselves. But the main thing is that they know what is important in life and what’s not. They don’t follow the rules of the adult world but follow their own principles. I guess this is something I always admire and reading these books reminds me of who I want to be.

I wish you to find your author, your book, the one that will make you feel right…