The gate to the sky

Airports always fascinate me. Not the building itself, obviously, but the place, the spirit of it. There are so many different people and everybody has his own way. You see families going for vacations: kids with small suitcases and cute little backpacks and their parents walking just behind them with the rest of the luggage on the cart. Businessmen in grey designer suits caring the leather laptop bags in one hand and fresh Financial Times in the other. Sports teams and college groups… And, of course, thousands of random people going all the directions, rushing, taking their time and staring at the duty free store windows or just waiting, waiting, waiting…

So often I am looking at them wondering: where do they all go? For example, that older lady, trying to find her flight on the screen. She reaches her purse, pulls out the big glasses, puts them on top of her nose and comes a little closer, mumbling the names of the cities and the flight numbers. Which one is she looking for? And what does she have in this old-fashioned bag that she has next to her? Chances are she goes to visit her daughter’s family. She baked some treats for her grandkids and packed it all carefully, didn’t want to give it up as a checked-in luggage… What about the young guy in the corner? Wearing those big headphones he looks so much into his music that the rest of the world just doesn’t exist. But it’s enough to look a bit closer and you can see that he is actually observing everything what is happening around him. Maybe he is a spy? Just kidding:-) Or he could be an artist, preparing for his next series of works. Airport is a great place to look for ideas. As you can see I love making up these little stories, guessing what brings people around me to this particular place, who are they and where are they heading.

You would think that all the airports look the same. Well, actually, to the certain extent they do. While they have many things in common each of them still has a different personality. It depends a lot on the part of the world you are traveling from. For example, in Australia they are more friendly, relaxed way, in Asia you would find them more high tech and on the same time a little more quiet as many of Asian countries try to have green areas and even little fountains or waterfalls when they design the new airports. These are usually the important hubs for many airlines receiving incredible number of passengers during one day. Some airports grew so big over the years that they became a separate town that lives its own life. If you have ever seen the movie with Tom Hanks, called “The Terminal”, you know, what I am talking about. It’s just a separate world with its rules, customs and habits.

I don’t have the favorite airport because, as I said before, it’s not about the building, it’s about the idea behind it. I see it as a gate to the sky and this thought has a touch of magic in the air. If you think about it, 100 years ago people could not even imagine that the trip to the other side of the planet would take just couple of hours. You could have been in Europe in the morning and here you are in the United States at 2pm, drinking your coffee. Isn’t it impressive?

So this is pretty much what I wanted to tell you today:-) I am looking forward to see your comments! Have a good evening, everybody!


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