Every day at the US Open brings something new and interesting. Tonight a good friend of mine has invited me to the Taste of Tennis – the party, famous by its fine cuisine. This exclusive event is traveling to the world’s biggest tournaments, including Miami Open and Roland Garros earlier this year. This time it was New York’s turn to be a host for this unforgettable occasion, where famous restaurants present their specialties.

I walked from one room to another trying to find the best place to be. In general I am not a kind of person who likes to stay in the middle of the crowd. Eating in this case is not an exception. Tables were situated by the walls and presented all kinds of appetizers on the square little plates. They looked fancy and tasted the same way.


After trying couple of them I still was not sure what exactly did I eat but had to admit that it was good. It took me about five minutes to realize that this evening is not going to be about food. But… it definitely gave an extra time to look around. So I started the journey.

The room was full of people. Although when I was coming here I thought that it was a tennis event, now I realized that most of the guests were out of the tennis world. They looked around trying to find all those famous athletes they came to see. On some point I was stopped by a young lady who asked me very politely: “Excuse me, do you know, when are they actually going to bring the tennis players?” I held a smile and answered her innocent question showing her Gael Monfils and Coco Vandeweghe, who were staying five meters away from us. “Oh, – she said, – I just don’t know how all these players look like”. Funny…

Gael had his moment on stage mixing the music together with the DJ. He played some RnB and then more of a house music and it was really fun to see him creating the atmosphere. He definitely enjoyed himself out there.

Overall I liked the vibe and I think if the place was a little bigger and more spacious it would have been even better. Still it was a great experience with a little taste of tennis around:-)